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Our clubbing was funded in 1985 on the purpose of making possibilities for Rákospalotai Növényolajgyár workmates, friends and members for doing sports, relax and tours.

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Members number: 439 from every age-group.
Colour : green - yellow.
Operation based on elected leaders by basic rules. (Hungarian version)
Goals of members:. 

  • feel yourself healthier

  • you love nature

  • you belong to a big family

  • you want to loose weight

  • want to be satisfield with yourself

  • see the world for a good reason

  • long life

  • have strong sense of competition

  • you need some physical effort

  • improving your mood

We was funded on the belief that -

"We do not want to change the world just we want to do that better. It has been leadin us for 38 years".

 We are different from the other civil organizations of our district by not making huge fest or motions but giving people wonderful moments and valuable information about our country. We truly hope that more and people will join us - workmates, pensioners, grandchildren as well. Their interests define our goals.

Special activites:

  • Fishing competention every yearst;
  • Organizing "Blue"-tour, bike- ,cave-tours, sight seeing mand adventure on water all over the country;
  • Unilever Football Team represents an championships;
  • Tabletennis championschips at amateur level our tabletennis  team takes part in invitations;
  • Provide participation for our members in every recreational passibility.
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Unilever Tömegsportegyesület: mobil: 06-20 923 7007 - E-mail: mecsnober.attila@gmail.com


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